B. K. FISHER & Co. Advocates & Notary 

B. K. FISHER & Co. Providing legal services & consultancy to corp. & other legal entities, alongside private businesses & individuals at variant fields of practice (!) inclusive of Intellectual property, media associations-collaboration, commercial law & agreements, accelerators & high-level performance consulting, inheritance law, Land & property procedures, Finance & Banking, Criminal consultancy & litigation, major negligence affairs, Trademarks (local & Intl.) & WIPO listings, commercial investments, commercial interactions, debt collection, guardianship, power of attorney, NOTARY SERVICES and other civil matters under the jurisdiction of the Israel court or related to the law of Israel.

As for litigation / Active Representation at court...


Since 2007 my office acted on behalf of various clients & provided guidance and assistance, suitable to the unique legal circumstances of the client (!)  

we work with clients from around the globe, and have experience with overseas commercial matters, civil case & authorities, crisis management, litigation, investigations. 

through the years, we have managed to establish firm relationships (business & personal) with overseas business & legal sources, contacts and sources which are available to our clients.  

when needed, we provide multiple legal & business consultancy & contact to special sources (and if there is non=>) establishing business & legal relationships with overseas legal practitioners.

Obligated to the client benefit (!)

Believe in Good will when it is possible (!)




Ben K. FISHER,  Advocate & Notary

60 MAHAL ST.   TEL-AVIV 6753118

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